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Hogwarts Legacy player finds bizarre 'Thanos creation'

Hogwarts Legacy player finds bizarre 'Thanos creation'

One Hogwarts Legacy player has found a bizarre in game item that looks like it was lifted straight from Avengers: Infinity War.

We’re several months on from Hogwarts Legacy’s release so you may be thinking that players have found all there is to find in Avalanche’s wizarding RPG. Well, let me ask you this. Did you locate the Thanos-style Mario Kart shell? See. There are still fun, albeit odd, discoveries to be made.

Hogwarts Legacy fans are clearly craving more content. In recent weeks, modders have been hard at work making up for the lack of a DLC expansion or sequel announcement. I’m imagining we’ll have to get past the Nintendo Switch release before such a reveal is made. If you are a PC player, you can enjoy an unexpected Assassin’s Creed crossover, epic multiplayer broom races, or you can add a few new spells to your arsenal. If you’re a console player though, you may be wistfully looking at all this mod content feeling left out. What if I sent you on an in-game treasure hunt instead? Players are only just noticing one rather amusing creation.

Someone modded PS1 Hagrid into Hogwarts Legacy. Of course they did.

As reported by GameRant, the discovery was made by Reddit user K__Jens. I can guarantee most of you will have walked past this item in-game, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have noticed it. K__Jens made the amusing observation that an in-game jewel encrusted object looks like “if Thanos made a Mario Kart shell” and now that I’ve seen it, I really can’t unsee it.

It’s basically a Koopa shell mixed with the Infinity Gauntlet. Think of the power such an item would hold. In the game, it’s simply called the ‘jewel-encrusted tortoise shell’ in your Field Guide which is nowhere near as fun. It was supposedly made by a wizard near Versailles, but was eventually stolen by Nifflers. If you haven’t located this item, you’ll need to have unlocked level one of the Alohomora spell from Mr Moon. It’s located on the third floor of the Faculty Tower behind a locked door.

Fellow user EnceladusSc2 wrote, “Infinity Shell. Snaps half of the racer out of existence,” while DubsStudio added, ‘Bowser’s secret weapon.” There’s your fun find of the day.

Featured Image Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment

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