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Hogwarts Legacy gets an unexpected Assassin's Creed crossover

Hogwarts Legacy gets an unexpected Assassin's Creed crossover

Hogwarts Legacy has received an unexpected crossover with Assassin's Creed thanks to a new mod.

Hogwarts Legacy may end up struggling against GOTY contenders like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Resident Evil 4, with Starfield and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 still on the way. That being said, it will undoubtedly prove to be one of the most commercially successful and talked-about games this year.

We already know that Hogwarts Legacy has surpassed the $1 billion mark in sales and thanks to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launch, I should imagine that number has only continued to grow. The series has outperformed certain Harry Potter films, and we’ve still got the Nintendo Switch version left to launch in November, although many are dubious about its release and potential performance. We’re at the point though where the initial hype has died down. Fans have found all there is to find and are crying out for DLC. While we’re still awaiting news of an official DLC or even sequel, this cool mod brings an unexpected crossover with Assassin’s Creed.

Someone modded PS1 Hagrid into Hogwarts Legacy. Take a look below.

Titled ‘Herodiana’s Creed’, the mod is the work of Nexus Mods user Lyniara. Essentially, the mod allows you to dress up as Ezio Auditore based on his appearance in Assassin’s Creed II, and can be used on both male and female main playable characters. The mod includes the Herodiana’s Cape, Herodiana’s Attire, and Beaked Skull Mask. The attention to detail is stunning, and it’s available to download now for all PC users.

It’s not the only mod to dazzle Hogwarts Legacy’s PC players. You can now fight all students, teachers, and townsfolk thanks to one chaotic mod, or you can introduce multiplayer broom races. Someone modded guns into the game to replace wands, but that’s a tad dark. Elsewhere, the Spellmaster mod introduces a variety of new spells, while the Dream mod overhauls the game’s graphics. Yes, the game only just came out, but there’s always room for a bit of finetuning.

Hogwarts Legacy is set to release on Nintendo Switch on 14 November, 2023.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, Lyniara via NexusMods

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