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Hogwarts Legacy mod lets you fight everyone, including teachers and fellow students

Hogwarts Legacy mod lets you fight everyone, including teachers and fellow students

A new Hogwarts Legacy mod allows players to target and fight anyone in the game, allowing you to wreak havoc.

Hogwarts Legacy has a lot of likeable characters who’ve proven to be huge hits with fans in the months since the game’s initial release. In fact, many players have expressed their disappointment that there’s no proper companion system to hang out with them more.

For many, the friendships formed in Hogwarts are pretty much the whole point of the game, and so modders have already implemented ways to spend more time with the NPCs, which is rather wholesome. But what if you simply want to watch the world burn? Don’t worry, modders have made sure that you can do that, too.

Take a look at Hogwarts Legacy’s funniest mod starring PS1 Hagrid below.

Courtesy of modder Khione (via Nexus Mods), Hogwarts Legacy players on PC can now try out the Hogwarts Legacy Enhanced - Target and Improve Every Character mod. This does exactly what it says on the tin - it makes almost every single character in the game (including teachers and students) targetable, so you can blast them with magic and even fight them to the death, if you really want to go down the dark wizard route.

Interestingly, each character has been given their own unique stats - some will have more health than others, and their attack power will also vary. Obviously, none of that matters if you were just planning on running around and hitting everyone with the Killing Curse, but it’s still a really cool detail that adds a level of depth to the game that just wasn’t present in the vanilla version.

Be careful if you have this mod active while playing through any missions with an in-game companion though, as they can now die in fights. However, don’t panic if this happens, as they can be revived by reloading your save or simply fast travelling somewhere.

If you want to try out this mod yourself, you can download it for free from Nexus Mods, right here.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Games

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