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Hogwarts Legacy players are loving exploring with friends

Hogwarts Legacy players are loving exploring with friends

Hogwarts Legacy players agree that exploring using a companion mod is the best way to play.

Although Hogwarts Legacy has been a huge hit, it still has its shortcomings, and if there’s one thing that fans have been the most disappointed about, it’s the lack of multiplayer in the game.

Thankfully, it didn’t take long for modders to spring into action, and just days after the game’s release, a functional multiplayer co-op mod was already available for PC players to try. While it started off with the goal of allowing eight players to explore the Wizarding World together at once, that’s now been upped to 10. However, this is still quite early in development, so it doesn’t run totally smoothly just yet.

Meanwhile, other modders have been busy doing very important things like making sure Hogwarts Legacy includes PS1 Hagrid in all his glory. Take a look below.

Thankfully though, there are other ways of wandering the grounds of Hogwarts with someone by your side. While there’s no actual companion system in the game to hang out with NPCs whenever you want, modders have fixed that too, and fans on Reddit agree that it’s the far superior way to play.

“It really is much better exploring with a friend! Especially after the final quest,” Reddit user FreeToBrieYouAndMe posted, along with a screenshot of themselves hanging out with Sebastian Sallow. “I was a little sad once I finished the final quest, thinking I wouldn't want much else to do with the game. But with a buddy the Merlin trials and treasure caves are much less tedious.”

“Totally agree! The mod is not 100% perfect, but I love having a friend along for the adventure!” wrote KOVEIRA. “I want them to add this feature sooo bad for the console [people], loving the mod though,” added Jart618.

If you’re a PC player and want to try out the AnyTimeCompanion mod for yourself, you can. It’s free to download from Nexus Mods, here. Console players will have to continue their adventures solo for now, but who knows, maybe a future update could end up fixing that.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Games

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