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Hogwarts Legacy's first big update has left players divided

Hogwarts Legacy's first big update has left players divided

There's still a long way to go for some players.

Hogwarts Legacy has been treated to a major technical update that was hoped to fix a lot of the issues that PC players are encountering. It's unfortunate news then there are still a fair few players struggling to find the fun in staggering round Hogsmeade.

Hogwarts Legacy is ticking a lot of the boxes for Harry Potter fans: sparkly magic, sprawling open world with iconic locations, and perplexing moral choices in a setting that reacts to your decisions. Can you find all of these things in the Harry Potter LEGO games? I'd say yes.

Still, the game met with a warm welcome from the critics and, in spite of a plot hole the size of Mars, players reckon that it could walk away with a Game of the Year award when all is said and done. Not everyone is enamoured with their purchase of the anticipated RPG, though.

Check out Hogsmeade Village in Hogwarts Legacy in our tour below:

Last week, PC players were reporting horrendous stuttering and crashing while strolling the halls of Hogwarts, and this latest update was imagined to have resolved that feedback. However, the bugs incurring these hiccups have seemingly not been squashed by Avalanche Games in the 14 February patch. As PC Gamer points out, of the 37 reported save game issues and two reported performance and stability issues, the notorious HL-14 issue is nowhere to be found in the notes.

"I played the game right before the 'patch' came out and then immediately afterwards. The difference is clearly noticeable. I never had lag issues in Hogsmeade on the level that this new patch has caused and flying is an absolute misery now while it used to be lovely," complained one player, in and amongst other claims that the patch doesn't appear to have changed anything. Others are saying that their game is running as smooth as silk, but appreciably, that doesn't improve the mood of those mired in issues.

The silver lining is that the patch that will actually address the stuttering and crashing is likely imminent now this patch has formed the foundation for it to work. Fingers crossed.

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