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Hogwarts Legacy PC players are all having the same problem

Hogwarts Legacy PC players are all having the same problem

But, there is hope.

Hogwarts Legacy is now officially out, and although some have been trotting round the magical school to their heart's delight, others have been fending off a fair few technical curses.

"Vaguely stale combat and an open world with little to offer beyond the castle grounds aside, it’s hard to consider Hogwarts Legacy as anything other than a success for the Harry Potter fans who have waited this long for their letter," we said in our review. Indeed, players are captivated by the school and all of the chaos and charm it has to offer. The game is practically unputdownable, proven by the sheer numbers that Hogwarts Legacy has seen on Steam, and it seems that the sequence of controversies that have beset it haven't swayed fans' perception of the final product.

Here's what it's like to fly on a Hippogriff in Hogwarts Legacy:

However, there is a proportion of players who aren't having the time of their lives with the game, though appearances might be deceiving. "The game on the [PC] is a mess. Even if the average fps is fine, the overall experience is very poor (due to stutters). I won't buy the game unless they fix the issues," said Reddit user Legendarywristcel.

"It was really terrible for me. I had to disable DLSS and, even then, static images like quest icons were jittery and super annoying. With DLSS on, the game was a frame-dropping mess," added user dVelas2020. "I have a Ryzen 9 5900X, RTX 4090, and 32 GB of RAM, so I'm hoping a GameReady driver is released tomorrow to fix it."

If that's all Greek to you, have a butcher's at the PC performance issues below:

That's not very magical of it. The fact that PC players have also sunk $70 into the pre-order to unlock the early access period stings too. As Hogwarts Legacy is officially out now, the day one patch is likely to be dropping soon, if not already.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Rodnae Productions via Pexels

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