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Hogwarts Legacy fans call out massive plot hole that makes zero sense

Hogwarts Legacy fans call out massive plot hole that makes zero sense

One Hogwarts Legacy player has pointed out a major plot hole regarding the Unforgivable Curses.

Hogwarts Legacy is officially out in the world which means players are currently facing a couple of tough decisions. The first is which house they’d like to belong to. The second regards whether you plan to be a good witch or wizard, or whether you hope to embark on a darker path.

As I’m sure you’re aware, Hogwarts Legacy allows players to learn the three Unforgivable Curses. The game won’t exactly punish you for being a dark wizard, but your decisions will be reflected back in the world around you. Learning Avada Kedvara comes with its own risks so proceed at your own peril. One player has pointed out a major plot hole though.

Fancy a magical adventure? Enjoy a relaxing walkthrough of Hogsmeade below.

Reddit user yeahwellokay took to the site to write, “Killing someone with Avada Kedavra is unforgivable, but turning someone into an explosive barrel and then blowing up their friends with it is perfectly humane.” It’s a good point. It goes without saying that blowing people up with barrels is not humane, but it is accepted as fair game in the Wizarding World which is quite concerning.

User jessebona added, “A painless, quick death is unforgivable but you could use Reducto to blow someone into chunks, immolate them with Incendio or use Reducio to step on them and none of those are considered unforgivable. It's lucky no dark wizard has a creative bone in their body when it comes to murder,” while abcdefghijken tried to justify the loophole saying, “It is not about the spell. All spells can kill. It is the immense negative emotion that you must produce in order to use the spell and it can be deteriorating to the mind and your moral values.”

Hm, they’ve got a point but Aurors should still keep an eye out on those using less intense spells for nefarious purposes - just like the small minority of players yeeting cats to infinity and beyond with Levioso. Please don’t do that.

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