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Hogwarts Legacy fans agree one side quest ended far too early

Hogwarts Legacy fans agree one side quest ended far too early

Hogwarts Legacy players agree that Crossed Wands should've been a full tournament spread throughout the game.

It’s looking pretty likely that Hogwarts Legacy will indeed get a sequel seeing as the game has been a major commercial success. It’s gone down incredibly well with fans, but there are plenty of things players would like to see improved in a potential second outing.

Already, Hogwarts Legacy is the most popular Harry Potter game of all time, with 12 million copies sold in the first two weeks of release. Let’s not forget that the game is yet to release on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Fans have racked up a whopping 267 million in-game hours, killing over one billion ‘dark wizards.’ It’s rumoured that a TV show may be in the works too. If a sequel is announced, fans are clear about what they’d like to see.

It happened. Someone modded PS1 Hagrid into the game. Take a look below.

Players have been pretty vocal about Hogwarts Legacy’s flaws. There’s no quidditch. The Merlin Trials lack an enticing reward, plus fans would’ve liked fully-fledged companion and house point systems. To now add to that list, everyone is in agreement that Crossed Wands could be expanded into a full-scale tournament. Reddit user PaxadorWolfCastle wrote, “Y’all. This game is so good, seriously, I can’t play this game enough. It’s so good. But if you could add one thing to the game to make it even better, what would it be? My suggestion would be a DLC to expand [Crossed] Wands throughout the entire map. Every town should have a [Crossed] Wands tournament.”

If you’re yet to dive into Hogwarts Legacy, Crossed Wands is a small three-stage quest you’ll take part in near the very beginning of the game. Essentially, you’ll duel against your classmates to get to grips with the earliest combat spells you learn. I’ll admit, I was surprised when Crossed Wands ended. It’s true that duelling tournaments could be spread throughout the map.

User dook23 added, “I am all for adding more cross wands stuff as long as it isn’t mandatory,” while PrimPygmyPuff added, “Would love this too. More interaction with our classmates.” Perhaps it’s something we’ll see added at a later date.

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