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Hogwarts Legacy fans are disappointed that there's no House Point system

Hogwarts Legacy fans are disappointed that there's no House Point system

Though you might say this is a blessing in disguise.

Hogwarts Legacy, eclipsing the success of Elden Ring in the comparative release period, is not exiting the zeitgeist any time soon.

It shows therefore that the spate of controversies that the game has suffered haven't had a major effect on its bottom line. Hogwarts Legacy's central conflict has been criticised for antisemitism, especially the goblin rebellion, and fans haven't been able to separate the art from the artist when it comes to Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling's politics. And at the same time, there are players who are saying that it is game of the year material while allowing there to be questions on the missing content that one would expect from a Harry Potter adventure.

It wouldn't be Hogwarts without its eternal groundskeeper, Rubeus Hagrid. Check out this mod that adds the iconic PS1 character to the game:

While lots has been said on Quidditch, some are saying that it's odd that there is no House Cup to work towards over the course of the game. "I just feel like the game tries so hard to be 'open world' by throwing a big map at you, when Hogwarts should be the star of Hogwarts Legacy. Make the school feel bigger and more alive, and make us feel more like a student instead of a very special person who happens to call Hogwarts home base," argued Reddit user Buxon328.

Yet, this omission is on brand for the books and the films. "The winning house gets snubbed from the Gryffindor heroes' exploits every time it happened due to arbitrary rewards from Dumbledore," recalled user zeroThreeSix. "In reality, the sh*t we do in the game would likely have our house in the negative points. Murdering hundreds of goblins, wizards, and animals all game long while sneaking around at night would make it impossible to win." Perhaps players are actually fortunate that no one is counting.

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