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Hogwarts Legacy fans slam Merlin Trials rubbish final reward

Hogwarts Legacy fans slam Merlin Trials rubbish final reward

Hogwarts Legacy contains 95 Merlin Trials but you won't get much for completing them all.

It’s nigh impossible to avoid distractions in Hogwarts Legacy. Perhaps you’re supposed to be in potions class but you're tackling a Spider Lair in the Forbidden Forest. Maybe you should be in herbology class but you’re redecorating the Room of Requirement. There are distractions at every corner, including the Merlin Trials.

If you hadn’t heard, Hogwarts Legacy is already the most successful Harry Potter game of all time. Already, players have racked up a whopping 267 million in-game hours, which is no surprise when you consider that it could take you 120 hours to see all that the game has to offer. If you’re someone who’s pretty far into the game, you’ll have definitely encountered the Merlin Trials but many players are complaining that the reward for completing the trials isn’t worth the hassle.

All roads lead to Hogsmeade, so you may as well enjoy a wander through below.

Merlin Trials aren’t very time consuming but there are a lot of them. They’ll unlock relatively early in the game and the first one simply requires you to ignite several pillars before the time runs out. Easy enough. The only issue is, there’s 95 trials in total and their repetitive nature can soon make them tedious, plus they’re spread across a very large map.

Fans agree that Merlin has far too much time on his hands. If you do complete the trials, you’ll eventually unlock extra inventory space but that may not be enough. Reddit user IFunnyJoestar wrote, “The Merlin Trials should give some kind of reward. You should get Merlin's hat, wand handle, scarf, clothes or something cool. [...] There are 95 trials to do. It's disappointing doing them all and finding out you get nothing. It took me hours and all I got was an achievement. What's the point in them? Why did Merlin make them? Are they just there to waste time? Hopefully they patch a reward in. I know you get inventory space but that's only after the first 30 to 40. After that you get nothing.”

Plenty agreed. RequalsC said, “I thought for sure we would get to meet Merlin for a quick chat or something or see him in the water. Would have been cool,” while loganwolf25 added, “I agree. I feel like the lady who introduced them should reward you for helping with research or something.” That’s a good point. It would’ve been nice to have some kind of narrative closure on them.

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