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Hideo Kojima's Silent Hill was cancelled 9 years ago, fans say it still hurts

Hideo Kojima's Silent Hill was cancelled 9 years ago, fans say it still hurts

Hideo Kojima's Silent Hills was cancelled almost nine years ago, but fans still aren't over its lost potential.

The Silent Hill franchise is finally undergoing a major reboot after a content drought but nine years on, fans still haven’t forgotten about Hideo Kojima’s cancelled project and what could’ve been.

There are plenty of incredible projects on the way. Konami and Genvid have teamed up on Silent Hill: Ascension, a new interactive horror that’ll see players decide the fates of the game’s characters. Think The Quarry but set in the world of Silent Hill. There’s also Silent Hill: Townfall which is in the works at No Code and Annapurna Interactive, a game we know very little about, plus the equally mysterious Silent Hill f, and a remake of Silent Hill 2. Whatever your preferences are when it comes to Silent Hill, there’s surely a game here that wets your appetite but many would still like to see Kojima’s cancelled project rejoin the fold.

Watch the trailer for Silent Hill: Ascension below.

The cancelled Silent Hills was set to be directed by Guillermo Del Toro alongside Kojima. It was in development for just under three years before its eventual cancellation. I’m sure you’ve heard of the legendary P.T. which players continue to rave about. Well, this served as a teaser for the project - introducing Norman Reedus as the protagonist. It’s unclear why the project was cancelled. Some say it was related to Kojima’s work on Metal Gear Solid V. Others say Kojima simply wanted to end his tenure at Konami.

Either way, Del Toro, Kojima, and Reedus ended up working together on Death Stranding but fans never got Silent Hills. Over on Reddit, user BernyMoon recently kicked off a discussion about the project, writing, “After nine years, this cancellation still hurts like the first day,” and plenty of fellow fans agree.

User sqww said, “IDK what the hell Konami were thinking. They practically had a guaranteed AAA ball park smash hit with an all star crew backing it,” while LukeD1992 added, “The expertise of Del Toro with all things horror and Kojima’s game design could lead up to something special. What a crime its cancellation was.” Hopefully the upcoming onslaught of Silent Hill releases will begin to mend our broken souls.

Featured Image Credit: Konami

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