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Silent Hill 2 remake is a PlayStation 5 exclusive

Silent Hill 2 remake is a PlayStation 5 exclusive

Konami have announced a remake of Silent Hill 2, but it'll be a PS5 console exclusive for 12 months.

So how about that Silent Hill Transmission, huh? Last night (19 October), Konami had plenty of surprises in store for Silent Hill fans everywhere - we have a totally new game in the series called Silent Hill f coming soon, a third Silent Hill movie called Return to Silent Hill (this time inspired by the second game), and a very intriguing title called Silent Hill: Ascension launching next year, which was described as a "live, real-time interactive series where millions of fans will watch together as the chilling story unfolds”.

One announcement stood out head and shoulders above the rest on the hype meter, though, and that was the Silent Hill 2 remake. That’s right, it’s official - after months of rumours, arguably the best Silent Hill game is making a grand return, over two decades on from its release.

Take a look at the Silent Hill 2 remake trailer right here.

Although the remake hasn’t been given a release window yet, what we do know is that it’ll be a timed PS5 console exclusive - a disclaimer right at the end of the trailer adds that the game is “not available on other platforms for 12 months after release”. If you don’t have Sony’s new-gen console though, don’t worry - it’ll also be coming to PC, seemingly at the same time as the PS5 release.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, producer Motoi Okamoto revealed that the PS5’s 3D audio capabilities will be utilised in the remake, allowing players to “determine the exact direction where the sound is coming from”. He added that the DualSense controller hasn’t been forgotten, citing The Medium’s usage of adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, and confirmed that the team are “bringing even more new ideas for Silent Hill 2” which will remain a surprise for now. 

It sounds like the devs will be taking full advantage of the PS5’s features - we’ll just have to sit tight and wait for its release.

Featured Image Credit: Sony, Konami

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