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GTA 6 fan trailer gets gamers hyped for the real deal

GTA 6 fan trailer gets gamers hyped for the real deal

A new Grand Theft Auto 6 fan-made trailer has left fans feeling incredibly hyped for whatever Rockstar has in store.

You know the drill by now. Let’s all say it unison: The wait for Grand Theft Auto VI continues. It’s yet another day without an update from Rockstar Games, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun and play a bit of ‘What if?’

There’s plenty to keep us satisfied. You may recall that last year, Rockstar Games was hit by a major cyber attack during which over an hour’s worth of development footage was leaked online, alongside source code and various screenshots. While most of the leaked content was taken down by Take-Two Interactive, fans have compiled a mass document based on what they’d seen. We’ve got an idea of what GTA VI’s map will look like, including the fact that it’ll feature over 100 unique locations, as well as a description of certain aspects of the game’s Wanted system. Today though, we’re here to have some fun and hype over the latest fan concept trailer.

Take a look at this incredible Vice City remastered mod.

To state the obvious, we don’t have a teaser trailer from Rockstar so we may as well enjoy what fans have to offer. Many have been cooking up their own takes on what they think GTA VI will be like and the latest iteration comes from YouTuber Unreal Concepts. In the two-minute trailer, we see several dazzling cityscapes, high-speed cars, and a brief shot of some cops in pursuit - all soundtracked by The Weeknd.

Honestly, it’s one of the best fan trailers I’ve seen out there. It’s certainly got me hyped for GTA VI and it’s not even the real thing. The video features assets from several YouTube creators including COCO, Annis Naeem, Particles Studio Rendering, Blue Mantle Films, Oval Labs, and West Highland productions. There’s also a brief clip from Rockstar’s GTA Online, and assets from ArtStation’s Conner Armstrong.

In the comments, one user wrote, “This actually made me excited for what Rockstar has planned for the GTA VI trailer.” Hopefully, that day will finally arrive in the next year.

Featured Image Credit: Unreal Concepts via YouTube

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