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GTA 6 footage confirms return of GTA 5 character we all thought dead

GTA 6 footage confirms return of GTA 5 character we all thought dead

Afterlife Invader

Leaked GTA VI footage currently doing the rounds appears to confirm the return of a character we all assumed died back in GTA V.

GTA VI was announced to be in development way back in February 2022, although that's all Rockstar Games has shared with us so far. It's been suggested that the game will launch by March 2025 at the latest, but we still don't really know for sure.

All we really have is footage of fans rushing live TV shows to demand information, and the infamous gameplay leaks from last summer which continue to pop up online despite Rockstar's best efforts.

Here's everything we know about GTA VI so far:

One leaked clip that recently resurfaced on Twitter (and has somehow yet to be taken down) doesn't really show anything of note from a gameplay perspective, but it does specifically mention a character we all say die in GTA V: Jay Norris, CEO of fictional social media company Lifeinvader.

In the leaked footage, an NPC can be heard saying anyone that uses Lifeinvader is risking Jay Norris downloading their brain so he can "sell it the Chinese". Classic GTA-style dialogue right there, we love to see it. The only catch? Jay Norris is properly dead, since we blew his head off quite early on in a main story mission in GTA V. Subsequent references to the character in GTA Online go on to confirm that he definitely didn't survive, too.

So what's going on this footage? My first thought was that this was just a recycled line from GTA V, since the GTA VI footage is from an early build of the upcoming game. But after checking around, it looks like no such line exists in GTA V.

There's a chance GTA VI is either set before or around the same time as GTA V, but I'm not entirely sure why they'd do that. The most likely scenario is that, since this NPC clearly believes in conspiracies, he's probably convinced himself that Jay Norris faked his own death so he could more effectively steal brains to sell to foreign rivals.

Whatever the case, this small nugget of GTA VI exudes the same brilliant writing and atmosphere as classic GTA, and that can only ever be a good thing.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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