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GTA 6 map compared to GTA 5 shows us an open world more than doubled in size

GTA 6 map compared to GTA 5 shows us an open world more than doubled in size

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We all know that bigger doesn't always mean better when it comes to video games, especially when open worlds are concerned.

Having huge open worlds to explore is all well and good, but if you can't fill them with interesting and varied things to see and do, what's the point?

I say this because a recent image comparing GTA VI's map to GTA V's has started doing the rounds, and the upcoming Rockstar Games release looks like it could be way bigger than its predecessor. And GTA V was hardly a small game.

For those that aren't keeping up with all the latest GTA VI news, fans have been working tirelessly to create an estimate of game's map, which we know will consist of the state of Leonida (based on Florida) and include Vice City (based on Miami).

Using footage from the trailers, guesses based on actually Florida geography, plus data from various leaks, this team of virtual cartographers have managed to put together an incredibly detailed map. And while we can't say for sure how accurate it is, it's all based on cold hard facts and digital geography.

Over on the GTA VI subreddit one fan shared an image of the new map with the GTA V map across the top of it. The difference in size appears to truly remarkable, and fans are impressed.

"Honestly exploring the map in itself is a game for me," one fan wrote. "The story will just be icing on the cake."

One user over on the GTA Forums named lxr managed to work out that this speculative GTA VI map has a landmass of 125 square kilometers, making it 2.55 times the size of GTA V.

For further comparison, Red Dead Redemption 2's map was 75km², so yeah... this game is shaping up to be a big boy.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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