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GTA 6 fans uncover one hour of gameplay footage online

GTA 6 fans uncover one hour of gameplay footage online

Grab the popcorn because you've got an hour of footage to watch

The GTA fandom truly works harder than the devil. The latest find they've made is approximately an hour’s worth of GTA VI gameplay footage.

Ever since Rockstar Games confirmed GTA VI was happening, it’s been nothing but chaos surrounding any and all news about the upcoming release. Truth be told, the excited started before the confirmation came.

Most recently, gamers believe they’ve spotted an alien hiding in plain sight in the GTA VI trailer. The jury’s still out on whether they genuinely have, but it’s a fun little theory all the same.

Surely you've watched the GTA VI by now?

Fans are also convinced they’ve located at least one of the game’s lead actors, which if true, is a huge win for the fandom.

Arguably, another fantastic win is finding an hour’s worth of gameplay footage all neatly packaged in one place – it beats rewatching the trailer for the umpteenth time.

There are a lot of files on the Internet Archive (should you want to watch this footage for yourself).

You can pick and choose which you want to watch, fortunately, which does mean you don’t have to watch it in its entirety if you don’t want to.

“I was looking for the leaked version of the trailer and it's the second to last clip titled bonus... really nice,” commented on happy fan at discovering this treasure trove.

Someone else commented, “Thanks for sharing. These files got nuked in every place I tried finding them.”

Ah yes, Rockstar Games is working hard to make sure much of the new game still remains a mystery. It’s a difficult task given how rife leaks are right now.

Once you’ve loaded up on all the gameplay footage you can manage, you can join fellow fans in being driven nuts by all the second trailer theories swirling around.

We could pretend it’ll quieten down soon, but that, dear reader, would be a lie.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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