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GTA 6 fans convinced they've found an alien hiding in the trailer

GTA 6 fans convinced they've found an alien hiding in the trailer

Are aliens scheduled for landing in GTA VI?

As far as GTA fan theories go, this one is more out there than some of the others: according to a group of fans, the GTA VI trailer features an alien.

Such a claim doesn’t feel out of place for GTA VI, given the fact that UFOs have shown up in previous titles.

When you take a closer look at the screenshots shared by GTAVI_Countdown on Twitter, you can see the so-called alien playing in the water with its fellow NPCs.

This isn’t solid sleuthing like we’ve seen from fans who’ve tracked down one of the game’s lead actors, but we’re still compelled by it all the same.

The “alien” can be seen during the beach portion of the of the Rockstar Games GTA trailer. Look past the bikini-clad women to the water, and you’ll see, blurred though it is, a figure all in black.

One fan joked it was someone wearing a “gimp suit”, which, given the nature of the franchise, isn’t out of the realms of possibility either.

Do you see aliens in the GTA VI trailer?

Another fan believes this to simply be an unfinished NPC unexpectedly showing up. “They’re characters that weren’t finished being modelled. It’s the same as when the game leaked in 2022 and Jason and Lucia walked throughout the club,” they explained.

It’s possible. However, as seen in recent gameplay leaks, what we’re seeing is incredibly detailed and fairly polished despite not being finished yet.

What is more, this is from the official trailer – it seems unlikely Rockstar would release it with unfinished NPCs on display. It’s not impossible, just improbable.

We, like the fans who believe the truth is out there, would love to see aliens during our escapades in GTA VI. Whether we get our wish granted is a different matter entirely, though.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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