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This GTA 6 open-world map is one of the most detailed things we've ever seen

This GTA 6 open-world map is one of the most detailed things we've ever seen

This map is huge, and it seems to be growing the more new information we discover

If there’s one aspect of GTA VI fans can’t get enough of, it’s the map size. Apparently, size does matter.

As far as details go, you may not think we know all that much regarding GTA VI’s map; we’ve seen snippets from the trailer and/or leaks, but that doesn't feel like much to go on.

Yet, once that’s compiled altogether, the size of the open world element of Rockstar Games’ upcoming title cannot be ignored.

Can you spot more map details in the GTA VI trailer?

A dedicated group of fans have pieced together the map to show us where certain known locations are, and we’re both excited by and in awe of their work.

The fandom is seriously impressed as well. “You guys are the holy grail of the gaming community. Thanks for doing all this!” praised one YouTuber.

It wasn’t just praise that turned up in the comments, though - there was also speculation over the accuracy of the GTA VI map Rockstar has created. “If this map is as accurate as the GTA V map this game is going to be absolutely insane,” said a user.

“There are so many little towns and smaller cities surrounding Vice City itself. That was one thing GTA V was sorely lacking was alternate places to explore and goof around in.”

The wonders of these smaller locations may just surprise players, especially since gamers believe they spotted an alien in the GTA VI trailer. Who knows what else the full map is hiding?

We’re sure other secrets and GTA easter eggs will litter the entire experience when playing the new game. However, that’s assuming fans stop being furious over the recent price increases at Rockstar.

There’s a definite love/hate relationship between the fandom and the publisher. Still, if Rockstar has created the GTA VI everyone wants, its indiscretions will likely soon be forgotten. Or at least overlooked.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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