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GTA 6 map compared to GTA 5 leaves fans unhappy

GTA 6 map compared to GTA 5 leaves fans unhappy

The leaked GTA 6 map is already causing some concern

GTA VI fans are an odd bunch, but I absolutely admire their dedication to a game we know next to nothing about, at least in an official capacity.

See, while Rockstar Games remains tight-lipped on all things GTA VI, the huge leak that appeared online last year has been forensically analysed by fans over the last few months. And the sheer level of what they've managed to dig up is remarkable.

Take a look at everything we know about GTA VI below! Spoiler: it's not much. But you know, we admitted at the top there so don't be mad at us.

In the time since GTA VI leaked, fans have been creating a map using coordinates pieced together from the gameplay. However, not everyone is happy with how the map is coming together. It's worth noting that this is not an official map, and might not even be a very good approximation given that it's been built using footage from an in-development game. That hasn't stopped people getting a bit stroppy, however.

“10 years to develop a game and Vice City is still basically the same size as Los Santos? I really hope this isn’t true and we get a much larger urban area, I’m not sure I understand this sub’s obsession with having two square blocks of city followed by 100 square miles of empty nothingness,” Reddit user pk10534 wrote, responding to the comparison of the supposed new map and GTA V's. “Yikes, and you thought GTA V had a lot of empty space,” added dubbs911.

It's worth noting that it's been suggested GTA VI could feature a map that's both smaller and denser, so even if the new game looks roughly the same size as GTA V in terms of sheer space, you can bet there'll be loads more to see and do. After all, bigger doesn't always mean better!

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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