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GTA 6 cinematic fan trailer slammed for looking like a mobile game

GTA 6 cinematic fan trailer slammed for looking like a mobile game

You can't please everyone

A GTA VI "cinematic trailer" has drawn the ire of fans for its resemblance to a mobile game. I guess you can't really please everyone.

We all know that GTA VI is in the works, which is something. Last year, Rockstar Games was the victim of a major cyber attack which led to over an hour’s worth of development footage being leaked online alongside the game's source code and a whole mess of screenshots.

We've also seen what appears to be co-op story mode footage, plus an unofficial update on a ton of side quests and activities the game will have. What we don't have, however, is a trailer. That's why one fan decided to make their own... although the critical reaction hasn't exactly been kind.

The animated fan trailer was created by Reddit user GibbsonTV_YT using Blender. Honestly, I reckon the whole thing is a really impressive effort. But the internet is not often the place for calm and measured criticism, and GTA VI fans have become so desperate for news that they're even turning on unofficial trailers for not meeting their sky-high expectations. It's a super normal situation.

User Emilixop wrote: “Sell this to a mobile game company for good money,” which actually isn't a terrible idea.

MacTheBlic added: “Looks cool but it looks like a mobile game," while TheKiweGuye commented: “I can see you put effort into this. Good work,”

H1r5t_M0V135 was more measured, writing: “Not a bad animation in all fairness. I’m not gonna complain about ‘Ooh but actually GTA VI looks like blah blah’ because I know just how much time and effort goes into these Blender animations and it impresses me so much by what [people] create.”

GTA VI is currently expected to arrive at some point in 2025, so we're hoping to get an actual trailer any day now. Please.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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