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God Of War hailed as one of gaming's greatest series on its 18th birthday

God Of War hailed as one of gaming's greatest series on its 18th birthday

The first God of War game released 18 years ago on the PS2, and gamers have been coming together to celebrate its legacy.

God of War is one of the most iconic gaming series out there, and yesterday (22 March) it turned 18 years old. I hope you remembered to get it a present.

Kratos has come a long way since 2005 - mainly because he has a moustache now, as well as a much more striking beard. That’s definitely the reason why his latest adventure, Ragnarök, was so successful in The Game Awards last year. In fact, it recently became the most BAFTA nominated game in history, with a whopping 14 nominations - we’ll have to wait for 30 March to see how many of those awards it manages to pick up on the night.

Take a look at this adorable dog helping with the motion capture for God of War Ragnarök.

Magnificent facial hair aside, fans on Reddit have been celebrating the anniversary of God of War (2005), as well as the franchise in general. Unsurprisingly in 18 years, people have got some very nostalgic memories of the series.

“This franchise quite literally represents my childhood. Seeing Kratos' development both in lore and game-wise makes me genuinely happy and nostalgic from the first time I picked up a PS2 controller,” depressedostrichstan wrote. “One of the best game series I've played ever. Definitely my favourite. [Santa Monica Studio] has delivered continuously and I'll be here for every drop they give us,” commented thaimperial197. “In Norway, the God of War games have always had a 18+ rating, meaning that God of War is finally old enough to play God of War,” added DeadlockRadium.

Hopefully, God of War fans will soon be able to get stuck into Ragnarök’s New Game Plus mode. Santa Monica Studio confirmed late last year that the mode is set to release sometime in spring 2023, which, y’know, we’re already in. Fingers crossed we don’t have much longer to wait.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Computer Entertainment/SIE

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