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Kratos was originally supposed to die at the start of God Of War Ragnarök

Kratos was originally supposed to die at the start of God Of War Ragnarök

A God Of War Ragnarök developer has revealed that Kratos was originally supposed to die in the opening Thor fight.

We didn’t get the God Of War Ragnarök DLC reveal we were hoping for at last week’s Super Bowl but it’s not all bad news.

In case you missed it, a new God Of War Ragnarök ad seemed to suggest that major news was incoming during Sunday night’s game. As I’m sure you’re aware, the Super Bowl’s ad slots are among the most coveted in the world. This year, new trailers for The Flash and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 dropped but Sony was seemingly just baiting us with that Ragnarök tease. I say it’s not all bad news though because PlayStation Plus subscribers can currently sample Santa Monica Studio’s latest for free.

Here’s that new The Flash trailer I just mentioned.

In case you missed it, a three-hour free trial of God Of War Ragnarök is now available on PlayStation Plus if you have a premium subscription. Enough about that though. You’re here for another reason entirely. It’s been unveiled that Kratos was originally supposed to die at the start of God Of War Ragnarök.

How would that work, I hear you ask? Developer Matt Sophos explained that Kratos originally died during the Thor fight with his soul ending up in Hell. In a conversation with MinnMax, he said, “It wasn’t a permanent death. What was going to happen – I don’t care, we can tell this because it doesn’t happen anymore so this is all fan fiction at this point – he would get pulled out of Hell by Atreus but now, 20 years have passed. It was going to be a big time jump type thing.”

“That was a version of it but it didn’t ultimately feel right. Kratos has come back from [death] too many times,” Sophos added. He explained that ultimately, they wanted Ragnarök to prove that fate can be rewritten if you’re willing to change and killing Kratos was at odds with that goal which is why, as we see in the final product, Kratos lives. I’m glad we didn’t get the original version. It would’ve skipped over a large chunk of Atreus and Kratos’ relationship.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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