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God Of War Ragnarök fans are unimpressed by lengthy wait for New Game Plus

God Of War Ragnarök fans are unimpressed by lengthy wait for New Game Plus

Santa Monica Studio has given the release window for Ragnarök's New Game Plus mode, and some fans aren't happy about it.

Despite the game’s tremendous success, not everyone is happy about the plans for God of War Ragnarök’s New Game Plus mode - specifically, how long it’s going to take to release.

Yesterday (22 December), Santa Monica Studio took to Twitter to announce that the mode is indeed coming, giving players even more to do after finishing the title: “We know many of you have been asking, so we’re happy to confirm that New Game Plus will be coming to God of War Ragnarök in Spring 2023,” the devs wrote. “We’ll share more details once we get closer to the release!”

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Considering that the game released for PS4 and PS5 in November, some fans are wondering why there’s such a long wait: “I don't understand why NG+ comes out six months after the game releases? I'm playing your game right now, I'm engaged in your game right now, not six months from now when I'm playing something else,” @mudbutt42 wrote. “Agreed they better release hella new content with it if we gonna wait this long,” @vLazurus added. “Exactly[,] I feel the same way[,] why release six months later, I am not gonna jump back on when I am playing other games why […] couldn't [you] do it when ya released the game,” @EfrainArgueta7 said.

The New Game Plus mode in God of War (2018) did more than just allow players to carry their inventory and upgrades over to a new save file - it also toughened up some enemies on the higher difficulty options, and added some powerful new items and armour. We can probably expect something similar from Ragnarök whenever the mode is added, but we’ll just have to wait and see - when so many games already include New Game Plus in their base form, it’s no wonder that some fans are disappointed with this.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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