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Xbox Series S major error leaves gamers concerned

Xbox Series S major error leaves gamers concerned

Xbox Series S console users are reporting a frustrating error around the next-gen console's video memory capacity.

Xbox has been in a weird place recently, facing difficulties with both its software and hardware. The company’s most recent issue is with Xbox Series S consoles, specifically running out of VRAM…

Reddit user jokekiller94 shared an image of their Xbox Series S displaying an alarming error about its video memory, with the caption: “Apparently the series S can run out of VRAM…”

For those who aren’t aware, VRAM stands for Video Random Access Memory, which stores pixel and graphics data, and has nothing to do with the core console memory, where installed games and save data are stored.

The issue prevents the user from playing certain games, generally ones that achieve a high-level of graphical fidelity.

Commenters were quick to respond to the issue, sharing their own experiences with the problem, many of which claimed it was actually a common issue with the game the user was playing, Borderlands 3, and not a fault with the system itself.

One commenter, in particular, stated that the problem is likely related to the Xbox’s quick-resume function, stating: “You have to be careful with quick resume

“Most games issues are memory leaks. With how quick resume works you're pretty much running an instance of a game for an infinite amount of time … Imagine doing that on a PC and expecting stability.”

Unfortunately, errors like these are small problems compared to what else Xbox is presently dealing with.

Currently, Xbox is recovering from the disastrous launch of its recent exclusive, Redfall, which has seen a number of glaring performance issues and harsh reviews. There’s also the company’s acquisition deal with Activision-Blizzard, which is currently being blocked by the UK. Finally the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, recently confirmed that Microsoft can’t compete on console sales with Sony’s PlayStation brand.

Hopefully, the highly-anticipated release of its next exclusive, Starfield, will give Xbox the push it needs to get back on form, though after Redfall, fans aren’t convinced.

Featured Image Credit: Xbox

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