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WW2 Hitman game looks absolutely unreal

WW2 Hitman game looks absolutely unreal

Death to Spies, is a WW2 Unreal Engine 5 game heavily inspired by the Hitman series, and it looks absolutely incredible

It’s becoming increasingly clear that Unreal Engine 5 is the future of gaming, providing graphical fidelity that we’ve never seen before. Aside from upcoming titles like the next Witcher and Tomb Raider games, which will reportedly use the engine in their development, individual developers have made their own creations, such as a WW2 Hitman game that looks incredible.

Death to Spies, created by Haggard Games is a WW2 stealth game that’s heavily inspired by the Hitman series, and takes the player through a series of levels with the objective of eliminating targets and remaining undetected for as long as possible.

Gamedevded, shared a video on Reddit showcasing an Unreal Engine 5 demo of the game, featuring impressive and clean visuals, as well as gameplay mechanics similar to recent Hitman games, such as throwable items and close-quarters-combat.

It went down well with commenters, who found similarities to a variety of other classic WW2-themed video games and series.

“Sniper Elite vibes”

“Very cool! Reminds me of Indiana Jones”

“Interesting idea. I like the cqb, looks fluid.”

Unreal Engine 5 has been a powerful tool for developers both large and small scale, to develop a variety of impressive creations. There are original titles like Anime Tokyo, a playable demo of a photorealistic Tokyo with an anime aesthetic, and a Jurassic Park game that’s like Jurassic Park meets Dino Crisis.

There are also remasters of beloved titles from the past, like the jaw-droppingly beautiful Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time remake, which features Hyrule as you’ve never seen it before, as well as a reimagining of the classically spooky Resident Evil (1996).

The results of Unreal Engine 5 have been incredibly breath-taking, and a glorious insight into what the future holds for video game graphics and design, from original creations built from the ground-up, and gorgeously remastered versions of titles over two decades old, there are truly near limitless possibilities.

Featured Image Credit: Haggard Games

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