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Pokémon Black & White Unreal Engine 5 remake is so pretty I could cry

Pokémon Black & White Unreal Engine 5 remake is so pretty I could cry

Suddenly, everything feels right with the world

Pokémon Black and White are underrated experiences; when people think of beloved titles, they tend to focus on the very early days of Pokémon.

However, Black and White left their mark on us, which is why we’re so thrilled to see this remake.

“Gen 5 is a work of art. No more, no less,” remarked a fan, and, honestly, we’re in agreement.

Yet, we’ll never turn down a chance to improve near perfection.

You’re likely still obsessed with a previous massive remake we drew your attention to – and we don’t blame you – but this incredible piece of work needs to be admired as well.

This remake looks absolutely incredible!

YouTuber Shemne shared their Unreal Engine 5 creation with amazed fans, after working on it over the course of a year.

Having taken inspiration from experiences like Octopath Traveler, this remake taps into our nostalgia while also triggering our hope that an official remake will one day happen.

As explained in the caption, “Over the past year, I remade Pokémon Black and White as Octopath Traveler. I started off as a complete beginner in pixel art, 3D modelling, and using Unreal Engine, but with the power of determination and stubbornness, anything is possible.”

Being able to explore this already beautiful world in this new way has just frustrated that we can't fire up our Nintendo DS and begin playing right away.

“This is so cool, and absolutely the direction I'd want Black and White remakes to go in. Excellent, subscribed!” said one fan who’s desperate to deep dive into this pixel art delight.

It’s a crime we can’t play this remake for ourselves, but thank goodness we can watch the video whenever we need to see one of the best generations of Pokémon in action (with a few vital changes).

Featured Image Credit: Shemne – YouTube

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