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Jurassic Park open world game looks like Far Cry meets Dino Crisis

Jurassic Park open world game looks like Far Cry meets Dino Crisis

This fan-made Jurassic Park open-world game concept trailer is the Far Cry and Dino Crisis crossover of our dreams.

One talented creator has produced an incredible concept trailer for an open-world Jurassic Park game - and it looks like the Far Cry meets Dino Crisis of our dreams.

It’s about time someone made a decent dinosaur game. It’s no secret that Dino Crisis is seriously popular around these parts. The original is available to play on PlayStation Plus, but we’d love to see a full remake. Horizon Forbidden West features a couple of machine dinosaurs making for some incredible boss fights, proving just how good a full dino themed game could be. There’s Instinction on the way, although that does look utterly nightmare-inducing. This Jurassic Park fan-made concept trailer is the stuff of dreams though.

Speaking of Horizon, take a look at the incredible new DLC Burning Shores in action below.

The trailer was created by a talented duo known as TeaserPlay using Unreal Engine 5. In the video, we see a car driving through a wooded region in the imagined Jurassic Park, encountering a couple of long-necked dinos a few minutes later - and what might just be the largest scorpions I’ve ever seen. It wouldn’t be Jurassic Park without a T-rex attack. I also noticed a very large snake slithering along. All in all, I’ve decided that this game looks terrifying. It’s not a park I’d like to be stuck in.

Describing the project, the duo wrote, “Jurassic World is still popular and cool enough to expect a AAA Open World game from it. Many small games have been made based on the world, but this time we tried to imagine photorealistic graphics.” Needless to say, as always, fans were hugely impressed by the project.

One user wrote, “Wow, so cool. I’ve wanted the original Jurassic Park game to be made for so long! I really hope someone makes this an actual game one day,” while another added, “I can see this being an open-world game where the goal is to go around the park and do different things to try to escape while being chased by the dinos.” Us too. Here’s to hoping.

Featured Image Credit: TeaserPlay via YouTube

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