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A New Tomb Raider Is Being Developed In Unreal Engine 5

A New Tomb Raider Is Being Developed In Unreal Engine 5

Bring back Croft Manor you cowards!

A brand-new Tomb Raider game is in development at Crystal Dynamics, and it's set to make use of the shiny new Unreal Engine 5!

The Unreal Engine 5 is hot off the public press, but it has been in the hands of a number of developers for a while already.

People were blown away in December 2021, when the trailer for Matrix Awakens dropped with graphics so good it was difficult to believe we weren’t watching the real Keanu Reeves. The impressively detailed world shown was completely computer created and all in the Unreal Engine 5. While various fan projects and remakes have already shown us just what Epic’s engine can do, we were blown away by what can be achieved with a large team - and of course budget - behind it.

Those who want to dive deep into the uncanny valley themselves can watch the Matrix Awakens trailer below.

Yesterday (April 5) was Epic’s State Of Unreal event where a whole plethora of announcements dropped on upcoming projects. One of the spiciest tidbits of information was that there is a new Tomb Raider in the works, from the developers behind many of the PlayStation 2 era Lara Croft epics, Crystal Dynamics. The team also worked on the Tomb Raider reboot, and sequel Rise Of The Tomb Raider, before the final instalment, Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, was taken on by Eidos-Montréal.

There was very little information revealed about the project, except that it is being developed by the studio in Unreal Engine 5, and that it is in the very early stages of development. This very early announcement has likely been made in order to attract fresh talent to work on the project.

The last entry into the Tomb Raider franchise came out in 2018, and fared a little worse critically than its Crystal Dynamics developed counterparts. With the series returning to the studio which has brought us 15 years of Lara Croft, it will be exciting to see just what is planned.

Featured Image Credit: Epic Games / Crystal Dynamics

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