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'Ultra violent' new horror movie has viewers throwing up over disturbing scene

'Ultra violent' new horror movie has viewers throwing up over disturbing scene

Horror fans have been left disturbed by Project Wolf Hunting, including one disturbing scene in particular.

If you’re someone who can happily stomach intense horror films, you are in the right place. I’ve got to admit, that is certainly not me but look, I have news to deliver so I am bravely here telling you about Project Wolf Hunting anyway. You’re welcome.

Project Wolf Hunting isn’t the first disturbing horror project to shock viewers in recent weeks. One series, titled FROM, left some viewers too scared to sleep with its terrifying creatures while earlier this year, one gross horror film was made available in the UK following a 10-year ban. If you’re wondering what strand of horror Project Wolf Hunting is though, viewers who have braved the film described it as ‘ultra violent’ warning others that you may need a barf bag if you want to reach the end credits.

Take a look at the trailer for Project Wolf Hunting below.

Project Wolf Hunting is a South Korean film directed by Kim Hong-sun, and starring Seo In-guk and Jang Dong-yoon. It essentially centres around a cargo ship which transports dangerous criminals from Manila in the Philippines to Busan in South Korea. It all sounds straightforward enough, but the journey isn’t that simple. A riot soon breaks out on the ship but the convicts soon learn that it’s not their fellow criminals that they should be afraid of, it’s the paranormal horror that’s been released from below deck.

It’s a pretty bloody affair. In fact, director Hong-sun used a whopping 2.5 tons of fake blood on set so if you’re squeamish, this probably isn’t the film for you. The film is available to watch via Screambox, but you may want to hear what others had to say about it first.

As reported by our friends at LADbible, one viewer wrote, “Many films have asked, ‘How much blood can you squeeze from a human head?’ but only Project Wolf Hunting is brave enough to answer it,” while another added, “Everything was okay until your brain suddenly remembers that one scene from Project Wolf Hunting.” Oh god. I don’t think I want to know.

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