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Zack Snyder is thinking about making a Gears of War movie, do it

Zack Snyder is thinking about making a Gears of War movie, do it

Could Zack Snyder be directing a Gears of War movie?

If there’s one action series on Xbox suited for the silver screen it would be Gears of War.

Leading the campaign for the Gears of War movie has been WWE legend and Marvel star Dave Bautista. Thankfully, to the joy of its fans, in collaboration with The Coalition, a Gears of War movie was announced by Netflix in 2022 and that is not all, because there will also be an anime series too. Nice!

Check out the Gears 5 story trailer below!

Naturally, once that official announcement was made, Dave Bautista was leading the charge once more to be cast in the Gears of War production. So Netflix, give him what he wants. Seriously, Dave is perfect for the Gears movie, so make it happen, you cowards!

At this time, we don’t know what story the Gears of War movie will tell, whether it will be a re-telling of the video game series or its own standalone story. We also do not know who’ll be directing the movie. However, Zack Snyder has seemingly thrown his name into the hat.

When speaking to IGN at Gamescom this week, Snyder was asked if there’s a gaming property that he would like to turn into a movie and the director mentioned the Gears of War series. Interestingly, he appeared to be somewhat hesitant about mentioning the game. Reading between the lines, is there already something in the works with the director and was he concerned he might let slip? We can only speculate at this time.

That being said, it’s perhaps worth keeping in mind that Zack Snyder already has an established relationship with Netflix with platform-exclusive movies such as Army of the Dead and Army of Thieves. Not to mention the upcoming Rebel Moon movies. What’s more, Snyder and Bautista worked together in Army of the Dead, so things would certainly click into place.

In related news, a recent job listing suggested that a new Gears of War game is on the way, and the original trilogy has benefited from a multiplayer matchmaking update on Xbox.

Hopefully, Netflix will put us all out of our misery soon and announce details on both the Gears of War movie and anime series. As they say, watch this space.

Featured Image Credit: Xbox Game Studios

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