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Gears Of War Netflix adaptation already perfectly cast by series creator

Gears Of War Netflix adaptation already perfectly cast by series creator

Netflix have announced a Gears of War film and series creator Cliff Bleszinski has got some casting ideas.

This feels too good to be true. Netflix has announced that they’re teaming up with The Coalition on a Gears Of War film - and that’s not all. To celebrate the franchise’s 16th anniversary, the duo are also co-creating a Gears Of War adult animated series, with “the potential for more series to follow”. If you’re a seasoned fan of the franchise, you’ll know that we’ve been fed promises of a film adaptation for 15 years so the fact that this is finally happening is huge.

There’s one actor who’s made it perfectly clear that they’d like to take on the lead role of Marcus Fenix. You know exactly who I’m talking about: Dave Bautista. Well, we’re still waiting on official casting news, but franchise creator Cliff Bleszinski knows who he’d like to see bringing the characters to life.

Speaking of adaptations, The Last of Us will premiere on 15 January on HBO. Check out the trailer below.

I’m sure Dave Bautista will be thrilled to hear that he’s got Bleszinski’s seal of approval. The creator tweeted, “Yes, Bautista as Marcus please - and a Latino actor for Dom, dammit.” He later added that Bautista can “act really well”. It’s not a clear run for Bautista though as Bleszinski said he could “also see Karl Urban as Marcus,” and it’s a very good suggestion.

In terms of who might play Anya, Bleszinski wrote, “[Katheryn] Winnick as Anya would be amazing. She was fantastic on Vikings. Lordy she's beautiful too.” Meanwhile, the creator thinks Ryan Reynolds would make a great Baird.

There’s one person Bleszinski doesn’t want to see anywhere near the Gears Of War film though. He tweeted, “Oh and keep Chris Pratt away from the Gears franchise, please, FFS.” Fair enough. I think we’re all still haunted by Pratt’s Mario voice.

Featured Image Credit: Xbox Game Studios

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