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Dave Bautista says Netflix needs to cast him for Gears Of War

Dave Bautista says Netflix needs to cast him for Gears Of War

Dave Bautista says that Netflix hasn't reached out to him about the movie, despite his campaign to play Marcus Fenix.

It’s no secret that the world wants Dave Bautista in the Gears of War movie just as much as he does.

In case you were unaware, last year, it was confirmed that both a Gears of War film and adult animated show are coming to Netflix. Bautista had been pushing for either of these things to happen for ages before they actually got confirmed, so you can understand his enthusiasm to get involved.

Bautista recently starred in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery - take a look at the trailer below.

Immediately after the announcement, fans of the series and the franchise's original creator made it known that they want Bautista to be Marcus Fenix in the film. The actor himself previously took to social media with a video of him decked out in the lead character’s signature armour, and said: “I can’t make this any easier.”

Now, in an interview with Variety, Bautista revealed that Netflix has not reached out to him about the role. “I really hope they will,” he said. “It’s a part that I’ve sought after for years and I feel like I could bring a lot of heart to Marcus Fenix. I really would. I think I would do that part justice. I feel confident in it, so hopefully it’ll come my way and we’ll be having this conversation in a different way sometime.”

Fingers crossed that the actor will hear something soon - he’s definitely the fan-favourite choice for the role, and given how passionate he is about it, it’d be a huge missed opportunity if it got passed to someone else.

Currently, no release windows have been given for the Gears of War movie or show, so both of them could be a long way away yet. The studio behind the games, The Coalition, is working on both projects, which certainly bodes well for the adaptations following the source material closely.

Featured Image Credit: Dave Bautista via Twitter, Microsoft Studios

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