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The Boys quietly recast a major character without you noticing

The Boys quietly recast a major character without you noticing

How did we miss this?

The Boys’ fandom is wondering how they missed a significant character recast all this time.

Very briefly in that first season, fans were introduced to Ryan, a character who would play a significant role in the seasons that followed.

Yet, despite being such a pivotal character in The Boys, many missed the recasting of Ryan’s actor.

This shocking revelation has been shared on Twitter, and with it comes a sea of comments from fans disgusted at themselves for missing this detail.

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They’re so surprised by this reveal, in fact, that they’re somewhat in denial over it.

One social media user said, “Dude, he was never in the show. That’s not Ryan I saw from season one.”

“Well, at least y'all forgot, I didn’t see it!” replied another. “I could swear on my mama I saw the same child all throughout the season.”

Some fans go so far as referring to it as a “mandela effect”, such is their disbelief at learning this several seasons down the line.

Cameron Crovetti (that’s Ryan’s current actor) replacing Parker Corno was so strong, we didn’t even notice.

When showrunner Eric Kripke was asked about the recasting, he said, “I mean casting kids is obviously super, super hard. Cameron was just so good.”

He continued, “He just kept crushing it and could break your heart. We all looked at each other and were like, ‘We’d be crazy not to write more for him’.”

It’s nice to be able to lavish The Boys with praise again, as it’s been hard to come by since season four started. So much so that fans are review bombing it.

The Boys might be struggling through at the moment, but it still has some surprises in store for us regardless of that fact.

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