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The Boys Season 4 is being review bombed

The Boys Season 4 is being review bombed

Season four of The Boys is off to a poor start

The fourth season of The Boys is being reviewed-bombed for its writing and political messages…

Amazon Prime Video’s satirical superhero series, The Boys, recently released the first three episodes of its long-awaited fourth season, with news that a fifth and final season is already in the works.

Check out the trailer for The Boys Season 4 below

In the fourth season Billy Butcher and his team are doing what they do best, taking the fight to the corrupt superhero organisation Vought and getting into plenty of scrapes along the way.

While the show, up to now, has felt like more of the same it seems like some fans are slowly turning away from its messaging, leading to review bombs on Rotten Tomatoes.

So far, The Boys: Season 4 is sitting at a not-so-great score of 52%, the lowest its ever been, whereas the critic score remains high with 95%.

Why’s the audience score so low? Well taking a look at the reviews left it seems the writing is the biggest source of controversy.

One 1-star review read: “Just awful. If you like the boys don’t watch it.”

Another added that the “quality of the show has gone downhill ever since the first season” and they sometimes “can't even believe this is the same thing I started watching 3 seasons ago.”

One particularly scathing review read: “The writing has seriously gone downhill. Some of the dialog is so cringe I have to pause and take a minute to uncringe.”

The usual claims of the show going woke have been tossed around, as well as criticism against Erin Moriarty’s character Starlight.

Whether the show can win back some fans with the next few episodes remains to be seen, but then again it seems like the vast majority are enjoying the show, political messaging and all.

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