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The Boys Season 4 fans disgusted by X-rated The Human Centipede inspired scene

The Boys Season 4 fans disgusted by X-rated The Human Centipede inspired scene

Yep, they went there

Amazon Prime’s The Boys has never been shy when it comes to shocking their fans. However, its latest season may have included its most disgusting scene yet.

The Boys season four is finally available on Amazon Prime (well, the first three episodes) and fans are eager to see what’s next for the twisted superheroes.

However, they may have got more than they bargained for courtesy of a scene that takes place during season four, episode two.

Check out the trailer for season 4 of The Boys below!

Mentions of graphic sexual content below.

The scene shows Splinter - a new character - manipulating his superhero ability which allows him to create clones of himself.

When Kimiko and Frenchie walk into the sauna, they are met by Splinter and his clones in a scene reminiscent of the cult horror movie The Human Centipede. Yep, we’re back there.

If you didn’t already know, lucky you but The Human Centipede is a film trilogy which essentially revolves around a scientific experiment where people are attached to each other from mouth to anus.

Now the scene has been recreated in The Boys and even sees the clone at the front of the “human centipede” masturbating over a new superhero character known as Firecracker.

As you can expect, fans were shocked over this X-rated scene and took to r/TheBoys to share their disbelief.

One read: “The Human Centipede scene almost did me in”.

Another agreed, saying: “Yup, I knew there'd be at least one weird sex scene this season… But I was not prepared for that. Either I’m more vanilla than I thought or there are some weird motherf***ers on that writing crew.”

However, the scene did have a touch of humour about it for viewers who watched on Prime with the streamer UI. This often displays some trivia about the show and this scene was no exception.

It read: “Actor Rob Benedict wants us to remind everyone that he studied Shakespeare at Northwestern University. There is no contractual obligation for us to carry out this request. This is merely a kind gesture.”

Featured Image Credit: Amazon Studios

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