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Star Wars: The Acolyte fans think they've worked out who Qimir's master is

Star Wars: The Acolyte fans think they've worked out who Qimir's master is

Who's really pulling the strings?

The pieces of the puzzle are falling into place regarding The Acolyte, Qimir, and his origins.

We’ve come a long way since the surprise Sith reveal of Darth Daddy (so dubbed by the fandom).

While some may still dislike how the mysterious Force user was revealed, it’s opened up the story considerably since his unmasking.

Qimir is an intriguing rogue element in this Star Wars tale, for he doesn’t adhere to Dark Side ways as we’ve become accustomed to; there’s a moral ambiguity about him.

Not only does it seem like The Acolyte is finally explaining the origins of the Knights of Ren, but it also seems like the Disney series is laying the foundations of who Qimir’s master is. After all, for the pupil to become the master, they first need a master to learn from.

Who knew The Acolyte would have so many intriguing twists and turns...

This should go without saying, but this article is about to get spoiler heavy in relation to episode seven. If you haven’t seen it, go watch it and then come back to see if you agree with the current theory.

It’s been heavily implied from the early scenes of the series that the Jedi did something bad, and now, after watching Sol grapple with his conscience, we finally know the truth.

Ugly though it is seeing Sol seemingly become a villain, witnessing what actually happened on Brendok has fans certain in their belief that Qimir’s master has been located.

Out of all the witches killed by the Jedi, there’s one missing: Mother Koril.

Having vanished in a plume of smoke, her body isn’t seen amongst the fallen come the end of the bloodshed.

Since noticing this very important detail, fans believe Mother Koril is Qimir’s master.

It definitely accounts for his intimate knowledge of what happened on Brendok despite seemingly never being there to witness it firsthand.

“Qimir seems to know a lot about this night for someone who (so far) wasn't there. Someone must have told him, right?” asked Twitter user Loren Magniventi.

Someone else commented, “I’m starting to think that Koril survived and is the one who founded and trained Qimir.”

This, combined with the fact that Koril mentioned helping create Mae and Osha, hinting at their less than natural conception, introduces yet another connection to Darth Plagueis.

If the legendary Sith lord is indeed involved with their creation, the Dark Side is more acutely involved than we first thought.

Qimir isn’t the villain of the piece as first thought, someone else much more powerful and vengeful is yet to be revealed. It could be Koril, but perhaps another is hiding in plain sight...?

Featured Image Credit: Disney Plus

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