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Star Wars fans aren't happy about surprise Sith reveal

Star Wars fans aren't happy about surprise Sith reveal

The so-called Darth Daddy has been unmasked

Oh my, oh my. I don’t think I’ve fully recovered from that latest episode of The Acolyte.

I should warn you, full spoilers for episode five, ‘Night’, lie ahead.

The latest instalment of the show finally revealed to us who Mae’s Sith master is and while I personally was pretty happy with the reveal, it was one that fans easily saw coming.

Yes, it was Qimir hiding under the helmet all this time.

Fans have been suspecting this. Back when Qimir was a mysterious Sith lord, the character’s distorted voice lines were run through several programmes by fans, resulting in a voice that sounded an awful lot like Qimir’s.

There’s also the fact that Qimir and Mae travelled to the very remote Khofar in order to find Kelnacca, split up, and shortly after Qimir was left behind, the Sith lord showed up.

It didn’t exactly take a genius to put two and two together and yet, the reveal still felt incredibly satisfying - to me, at least.

Manny Jacinto plays a fantastic villain.

I’m enjoying the sense of playfulness he’s imbued into this dark character. It makes Qimir all the more chilling.

His, “That’s what it was named?” following Jecki’s death exemplifies this perfectly.

Take a look at our interview with Charlie Barnett, Dafne Keen, and Rebecca Henderson below.

Of course though, this is Star Wars. There’s always going to be some discontent.

And some fans aren’t too happy with how early this twist was revealed although let’s face it, there are sure to be additional secrets yet to be unveiled.

As reported by GamesRadar, Reddit user Straight_Calendar_15 points out that in searching for his own apprentice or “acolyte”, it may prove that Qimir has only recently progressed from apprentice to Sith master himself.

With that in mind, it suggests that there’s another Sith behind the scenes who’s been training Qimir and that mysterious being could be the one who’s been pulling the strings all along.

Of course, Darth Plagueis is a character fans are longing to see.

Many are desperately hoping that this is what the series is leading up to and with three episodes set to air, I’m pretty confident we will indeed witness a few more shocking revelations before the season is out.

Qimir feels like a misdirect, albeit a hot welcomed one.

All I know for certain is that this is the strongest Star Wars has been in years.

Featured Image Credit: Disney Plus

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