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Star Wars: The Acolyte appears to finally be explaining the origin of the Knights of Ren

Star Wars: The Acolyte appears to finally be explaining the origin of the Knights of Ren

So much remains clouded by the Dark Side

Say what you will about The Acolyte, but it’s giving us a glimpse into areas of Star Wars lore previously lacking depth.

Here at GAMINGbible, we’ve always championed the new Star Wars series despite the naysayers; our very own Kate Harrold described it as “packed with mystery and intrigue”.

You know what else The Acolyte explains? What it feels like to get your own lightsaber

Ever since the events of episode five onwards, never has this interpretation of the TV show been truer.

A fair warning to those yet to watch the show: spoilers are ahead.

Not sure why you’re here if you’ve not seen the show, but regardless, details are going to come up that’ll spoil the experience for you. You’ve been warned.

From bumbling assistant to sleek villain, Qimir is an especially interesting character in light of his surprise Sith reveal.

Although he’s not aligned with the Jedi, the character isn’t strictly Sith either; he sits outside both camps. He’s certainly connected to the Dark Side, but beyond that little else is known.

During an interview, The Acolyte showrunner, Leslye Headland was vague on the details, “What I will say is you don’t hear it from his mouth [that he’s Sith], but there are a couple of small things that happen that intimate the answer to the question.”

When directly asked whether Qimir is connect to the Knights of Ren, she added: "[Takes long pause] It’s a really good theory. What an interesting theory. What an amazing…that’s…wow. Wow wow."

This could mean Qimir is indeed Sith, or seemingly more likely hinting at his involvement in the creation of the Knights of Ren.

This connection between character and enclave would make sense given Qimir’s indifference to both Sith and Jedi. What is more, Kylo’s theme has been heard during certain scenes, which is highly questionable if not teasing the Knights of Ren – why else would you use it?

After all, while Kylo Ren gives into his dark emotions, he’s not Sith. Moreover, there’s a goodness in him despite his grave misdeeds, similar to Qimir.

Unless episode eight is about to pull the rug out from under us, it feels like the origin story of this mysterious masked group is finally being told.

Featured Image Credit: Disney Plus

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