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Star Wars fans spot a heartbreaking Easter egg in The Acolyte

Star Wars fans spot a heartbreaking Easter egg in The Acolyte

The curse of long-life species

Disney’s Star Wars: The Acolyte is nearing its end with just two more episodes left in its first season. However, one eagle-eyed fan has noticed a heartbreaking Easter egg that is testament to the show’s level of detail.

Originally airing on 4 June, Star Wars: The Acolyte has gone on to become one of the most successful Star Wars spin-off shows since Obi-Wan Kenobi back in 2022.

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Set during The High Republic, it tells the story of a former Padawan who is reunited with her Jedi Master to investigate a series of crimes. However, the pair soon learn that the crimes are a lot darker than they first appeared and a powerful force may be the reason behind them.

With just two episodes left to air, some fans have taken to rewatching the short episodes to catch up on anything they may have missed and that is definitely the case for this heartbreaking Easter egg relating to Vernestra Rwoh.

Jedi Master Vernestra is not seen much throughout The Acolyte but manages to make an impact whenever she is shown. Known for her elastic lightsaber blade nicknamed a lightwhip, not much else is known about her in the show but fans of the Star Wars franchise will know her heartbreaking story.

According to an entry on Star Wars’ official data bank, the name of Vernestra’s ship links to her past. Called the Cantaros, it is clear it was named after her former Padawan Imri Cantaros who, given Vernestra’s long life-span, could already be considered dead during the events of The Acolyte.

If this is the case, it is clear that the Jedi Master named the ship after her former Padawan.

"Despite being unsettled by hyperspace travel for most of her long life, Jedi Master Vernestra Rwoh keeps a ship ready for whenever she needs to leave Coruscant," the data bank description reads, published alongside the launch of the show.

"Named for her former Padawan Imri Cantaros, Vernestra's ship is a Valkeri-Kuat Consolidated Enterprises VKCE-7100x Starcutter, an experimental design with an integrated hyperdrive, a rarity for the era."

Featured Image Credit: Disney Plus

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