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Logan hailed as best Marvel movie of all time by fans

Logan hailed as best Marvel movie of all time by fans

Many Marvel fans have hailed Logan as the best film from the franchise, beating out all MCU entries.

Let’s face it, 2023 was a turbulent year for Marvel. A Kang problem, dwindling box office numbers, scrapped scripts … It all happened.

To bring you up to speed, Jonathan Majors - best known for bringing the MCU’s Kang to life - was found guilty of harassment and assault last month following an altercation with his now ex-girlfriend. While no official statement has been made by Marvel, rumours suggest a new actor is being eyed up as a replacement, while Avengers: The Kang Dynasty is being referred to simply as Avengers 5 for the time being. We’ve then got a whole host of projects underperforming at the box office, including latest effort The Marvels. Daredevil: Born Again was scrapped only to be resurrected essentially as Daredevil season four, canonising the Netflix era.

It’s been a hectic ol’ time. Amidst this though, fans have been seeking a bit of calming fun, ranking their favourite Marvel films - from the MCU and beyond - and a somewhat unexpected pick has come out on top: Logan.

Relive the magic of the original Daredevil Netflix run.

I say unexpected not because Logan isn’t deserving (it’s an absolutely stellar film) but mainly because I thought it might get drowned out by the noise of several The Infinity Saga MCU entries. The discussion was kicked off by Reddit user Edelman-11, with the post garnering hundreds of responses.

“Legitimately my favourite. . It's a self contained story with very personal stakes, and is an excellent farewell to a character that I've grown up with. [...] There's no shared universe homework I have to do. There's no world ending cataclysm. It's basically a story about Logan, Charles, and Laura,” wrote DoesntPlay2Win, while LizzyShort added, “I enjoyed Infinity War and Endgame because [they] had been built up so much over so many years. Logan, to me, is the same thing having being with these characters for even longer than in the MCU.”

“It’s my favourite movie about a Marvel character,” stated sillyadam94, with BillyTheGOAT94 commenting, “Best one. Also best trailer with Johnny Cash’s ‘Hurt’.” Of course, some people disagreed but it does appear that one of Logan’s greatest apparent strengths is the fact that it doesn’t rely on build-up in the same way many films from the MCU do. It’s an interesting thought as the MCU continues to meander its way through The Multiverse Saga.

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