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Massive 'Skyrim' Survey Proves Everyone Plays The Best Build Eventually

Massive 'Skyrim' Survey Proves Everyone Plays The Best Build Eventually

A survey over on Reddit has revealed some interesting findings about the Skyrim community (although a lot of it we definitely saw coming).

Is there anything more interesting than a big ol’ gaming survey? Actually, yeah, there definitely is. That sounded a bit sad. Even so, stick with me, because this is pretty cool.

As reported by Game Rant, over on the r/Skyrim subreddit, tons of Skyrim fans have been participating in a questionnaire about their experiences with the game, and there’s been some really neat findings. From the play-styles that people prefer, to the gender-split of the fanbase, this is a great overview of the community in 2022. 

While you're here, be sure to take a look at some of the funniest Skyrim wins and fails below.

The survey was started by u/AlfredoTayloro, who is apparently using the results for an assignment. I have no idea what that assignment could possibly be, but if it involves a detailed analysis of the Skyrim fanbase, I’m intrigued. So far, over 8000 people have participated - of those, over 70% were male, and almost 25% were female. 

We already knew that Skyrim has massive replay value, but these results prove it - just under half of people who answered the survey have been playing the game since release, so over 10 years. This makes even more sense when you look at how many new playthroughs the participants say they’ve started in their time with the game - almost 40% said they’ve done between four and 10, and a clean 30% said they’ve begun at least 15. Wow.

Also unsurprising are the participants’ favourite game genres - over 90% of people said they prefer RPGs, which, y’know, figures. FPS games were the second most popular choice, with around half of the people surveyed putting them in their top three, followed by puzzle and strategy games, with about 35% of the responses. 

As for the play-styles that people prefer, it was actually pretty close, but the majority (over 40%) prefer to take a stealthy approach - you can never outrun the clutches of a stealth archer playthrough forever. On the flip side, the least popular option was Mage, with around 20% of the responses.

I’m sure this isn’t a shock, either, but the survey confirmed that the vast majority of Skyrim players prioritise the side-quests above all else - over 70%, to be exact, compared to about 10% who said they focus on the main story. 

There are a few more questions included in the survey that I’m not going to list off in this article, but you can check out the full results here if you're interested. The OP is still taking responses, too, so if you want to participate yourself, you totally can - have a go here

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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