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Skyrim player accidentally unlocks super secret 'good ending' in record time

Skyrim player accidentally unlocks super secret 'good ending' in record time

One Skyrim player did an unintentional speedrun after unlocking a 'secret ending', leaving fellow players in heaps of laughter.

Well, this got a hearty chuckle from me. One Skyrim player has somehow managed to ‘complete’ the game before it had even really begun, murdering the Imperial Captain in a matter of seconds.

Oh Skyrim, you continue to delight all these years on. This year, Skyrim will celebrate its 13th birthday and while for many games, 13 years post-launch is a death sentence, Skyrim continues to boast a large and active player base. In the last few days alone, fans were left impressed by the Easthaven mod while elsewhere, some players decreed that only heartless monsters kill Paarthurnax - and I quite agree. Today though, I bring you a very funny glitch posted by Reddit user WinstonTheFrog.

Skyrim will eventually be succeeded by The Elder Scrolls VI, a game that very much remains mysterious.

Taking to the site, WinstonTheFrog said, “My carriage flew during the intro and killed the captain, now the game is stuck,” with the post having garnered over 2,500 upvotes at the time of writing. Yes, the replies were just as humorous as I’m sure you’re hoping they were. “I’d count this as a speedrun. You saved the world from Alduin by preventing his return,” thegreatsquare wrote.

“He’s the one they fear. Wagonborn,” said EnceladusSc2, while TheDoomGiraffe added, “I’m so sorry but this is one of the funniest iterations of the random flying object glitch.” It turns out though that there is an explanation for this strange (and funny) happening.

This bug was discovered quite some time ago, and it’s to do with the game’s insects. Skyrim’s bees and butterflies can seemingly cause some unintended collision so when this player’s carriage collided with one of the teeny tiny flying fellas, it caused it to go off course, killing the Imperial Captain. It’s thought that Bethesda patched the issue out a while back, but depending on the age of your copy of Skyrim and how often you’ve updated it, you could perhaps have accidentally avoided the patch.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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