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Rumoured PlayStation 5-exclusive RPG actually coming to Xbox day one, says insider

Rumoured PlayStation 5-exclusive RPG actually coming to Xbox day one, says insider

Could Persona 6 be headed to Xbox Series X|S?

The Persona JRPG series is one of the most popular of its genre and despite being a multiplatform franchise for much of its existence, it’s a brand that is perhaps more associated with PlayStation.

Thankfully however, in recent times, the Persona series has found its way onto Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, and let’s face it, the more people that can play the games they love, regardless of the platform, can only be a good thing. After all, the same happened with SEGA’s Yakuza/Like a Dragon series, once known for being exclusive on PlayStation, is now readily available on Xbox.

Check out the Persona series coming to Xbox announcement trailer below!

While Persona 6 hasn't been officially announced yet, it’s suspected that it’s been long in development. Previous rumours have claimed that Persona 6 will be announced sometime in 2024 and that it will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive.

Well, those rumours might not be entirely true. What’s more, not only has it been claimed that Persona 6 will be coming to Xbox Series X|S, but it will also launch on the same day as PS5, something that isn't a common practice with this series.

As shared in a Reddit post, the rumour comes from journalist and industry insider, Nick “Shpeshal” Baker courtesy of a recent episode of the XboxEra Podcast. That being said, considering that details on Persona 6 are very vague at this time, there is no word as to whether it will launch on Xbox Game Pass, but it would be awesome news if it would, we just wouldn't recommend holding your breath.

Much of the Reddit thread is hoping that there is some truth to the recent rumours, but at the same time, there is an understandable level of scepticism to the speculation.

“Given how much money Microsoft has been throwing at SEGA lately, I don't see SEGA releasing PlayStation exclusives anymore, especially Persona,” suggested Arcanunn. “My sources told me Persona 6 would be a Google Stadia exclusive”, replied a sarcastic Guilty-Independent78. “My uncle's cousin's brother-in-law's friend said it's a KFConsole exclusive,” replied chronicpresence.

Obviously, it’s always wise to take unconfirmed rumours with a pinch of salt until proven otherwise. That being said, as we alluded to earlier, if Persona 6 was to launch on Xbox Series X|S at the same time as the PS5, and hopefully PC, that can only be a good thing for all fans of the series.

Hopefully, as this year draws to a close, the series publisher/developer Atlus and SEGA will reveal all the juicy details in the coming months. Could we finally get a Persona 6 reveal at Gamescom this month? We’ll have our fingers crossed.

Featured Image Credit: Sony/Microsoft

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