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Red Dead Redemption 2: New Austin is the expansion fans deserve

Red Dead Redemption 2: New Austin is the expansion fans deserve

Red Dead Redemption 2: New Austin is the expansion fans deserve

Despite both being incredible games, it is safe to say that Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption 2 have a slightly different look. Although the games are set mere years apart, the sequel is missing the classic New Austin look we saw in the original game. Now thanks to one creator, we now have the ability to combine the two settings.

‘Project New Austin 1907’ aims to bring the classic colour scheme and locations from Red Dead Redemption to Red Dead Redemption 2. Courtesy of RichardHertz on Nexus Mods, the mod aims to make a “more believable 1907 version of the map” as well as including “that gritty, spaghetti western New Austin colour scheme from the first game.”

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The locations that will get the New Austin makeover include Blackwater, Pike’s Basin, Gaptooth Breach, Cueva Seca and lots more. The affected areas will also feature “peds, increased rider density, and RDR1 accurate layouts with as much detail as possible.” This can be seen with the removal of the dark orange tint in New Austin as well as a few changes to the game’s weather cycle.

The mod creator also recommends some other mods that will pair well with Project New Austin 1907. This includes mods that will allow you to rob a series of banks in game, one that offers you the chance to buy and customise your own wagon to taxi people around as well as another bank mod that allows you to deposit your money so you don’t lose any when you die Despite Red Dead Redemption 2 already being an incredible game in its own right, it is creators like this that bring even more to Rockstar’s creation.

In related news, RDR2’s Bayou Nwa area was recently voted as the scariest non-horror location in gaming which makes it perfect to play this month. On top of that, Rockstar has also brought back the Halloween Pass for Red Dead Online for the third year in a row.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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