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PlayStation's Loyalty Scheme Offers Better Customer Service As A Reward

PlayStation's Loyalty Scheme Offers Better Customer Service As A Reward

If you reach a higher loyalty tier of PlayStation Stars, you'll unlock better customer service.

It won’t be long until all of us PlayStation owners have access to the new loyalty scheme PlayStation Stars. If you’re located in Asia, the programme actually rolled out yesterday. North and South America will then follow on 5 October, before the service is rolled out in Europe, Australia and New Zealand on 13 October. PlayStation owners will be able to earn a number of rewards, including better customer service.

Speaking of PlayStation, are you excited for God of War Ragnarök? We certainly are and there’s so much to unpack in the latest trailer. Take a look below.

The main draw of PlayStation Stars is that players are able to earn PSN Wallet funds which can, of course, then be redeemed in the PlayStation Store. Select PlayStation Store products will also be up for grabs outright, and you can earn digital collectibles. Think of those as virtual memorabilia, much like what you collect in Astro’s Playroom.

One reward we didn’t expect is better customer service with the catch that the level of customer service you receive is dependent on your loyalty ranking. As reported by VGC, if you reach the fourth tier of PlayStation Stars, “when contacting PlayStation Customer Support, you will be given priority in the chat order.”

To reach the fourth loyalty level, you reportedly need to have bought four games from the PlayStation Store plus you need to have earned 128 rare trophies. Understandably, it’s not a reward that’s gone down well and, let’s be honest, the not-NFT digital collectibles have already stirred up enough drama. It awaits to be seen if this feature will be included in other territories.

Featured Image Credit: Sony, Netflix

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