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PlayStation Plus subscribers are about to lose a ton of games

PlayStation Plus subscribers are about to lose a ton of games

PlayStation Plus subscribers will lose access to 16 games in the month of June.

PlayStation Plus is absolutely stacked with great options these days. That may mean though that you’ve lost track of the games you’d like to download and play. If that sounds like you, I’ve got you covered with the latest news on what’s leaving the platform next month. After all, I wouldn’t want you to miss out.

Let’s recap May’s PlayStation Plus offerings. Essential tier subscribers can grab GRID Legends, Descenders, and Chivalry II which isn’t the strongest line-up we’ve seen, but Chivalry II is a ‘gem’ of a game according to fans. The extra and premium tiers then received a collective 23 games including one of gaming’s best trilogies, and one of the PS5’s best exclusives. There were also a few mix ups when announcing this month’s titles. These additions though are cancelled out by a number of departing games, and June will see 16 leave the platform.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is now available on the extra tier - and you should definitely check it out.

As reported by GameRant, the 16 titles are due to leave next month although we don’t have an exact departure date just yet. It’s pretty easy to actually locate these games as they’re listed on the PS Plus hub page under ‘Last chance to play.’

The departing games are: 9 Monkeys of Shaolin, Agents of Mayhem, Ash of Gods: Redemption, Black Mirror, Defense Grid 2, Descenders, Gods Will Fall, Joe Dever's Lone Wolf, John Wick Hex, KeyWe, No Straight Roads, Party Hard, Red Faction, Red Faction 2, Redeemer: Enhanced Edition, and Wytchwood.

There are no major heavy hitters here, unlike in May which saw Marvel’s Spider-Man depart the service. Still, there are some hidden gems. John Wick Hex is a great strategy game, while Wytchwood is a cosy crafting adventure set in a world themed around gothic fables and fairytales. If either of those sound up your alley, act now before it’s too late.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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