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PlayStation Plus' latest free game hailed as a 'fulfilling, amazing experience'

PlayStation Plus' latest free game hailed as a 'fulfilling, amazing experience'

PlayStation Plus’ latest free game has been hailed as a ‘fulfilling, amazing experience’.

PlayStation Plus’ latest free game is being hailed as a ‘fulfilling, amazing experience’ by players.

Earlier this month, Sony dropped its PS Plus games for Extra and Premium subscribers, and it’s fair to say that the May 2023 offerings have gone down rather well. For starters, the PS Plus games this month are said to save subscribers a whopping £600. Across all three subscription tiers, PS Plus May 2023 has brought in the likes of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, GRID Legends, Chivalry II, Dishonored 2, and Shadow of the Tomb Raider to name a few. However, one game that has been a hot topic of discussion with subscribers on Reddit is a title that launched on PlayStation Plus, and that game is called Humanity.

Take a look at Humanity in action below.

Developed by Tha Ltd, Humanity is a puzzle game set in the year 2156, and you play as a human named Landon that has turned into a dog. In Humanity, you must then guide swarms of humans through challenging levels filled with dangerous obstacles to safety. If I were to compare Humanity to something, I’d say it kind of looks like a cross between PSP puzzler Echochrome and the classic Lemmings.

“If you are looking for a great puzzle game, with some decently hard levels, and a somewhat straightforward Platinum, I would suggest you try out Humanity,” said Reddit user Feeling-Pumpkin opening up the discussion. “I just finished it and got platinum for it without any guide, and it really felt fulfilling. Also, the themes and story behind it is so good, please if you like puzzle games try this out.”

“Loving it at the moment but made the mistake of looking at the trophies before I finished the game. Story trophies aren't hidden so it spoiled the story for me,” replied FriedChicken10. “My GOTY so far, such an ingenious game!” said MewinMoose. “All in all a great game and an amazing experience, I really loved it,” added GirlFeetInMyTummy.

However, it seems that Humanity is not everyone’s cup of tea. User shawny_mcgee said, “Didn’t like it, uninstalled after a few levels. I can see the appeal for someone who really enjoys puzzle games but it's just not for me.” You can't win them all.

Humanity is available now for PC, PlayStation as well as Sony’s PSVR headsets.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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