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PlayStation Plus subscribers have one last chance to grab service's best free game

PlayStation Plus subscribers have one last chance to grab service's best free game

PlayStation Plus subscribers have one last chance to grab the service's best free game!

PlayStation Plus is the gift that keeps on giving. Well if that gift was something that you paid for and received items in return.

Each month, PS Plus subscribers will receive a selection of recent and/or retro video games at no extra cost, as well as online multiplayer, of course. Sony’s subscription service is based on three tiers, PS Plus Essential, PS Plus Extra and finally, PS Plus Premium.

PS Plus Essential is basically what the service was before Sony revised it in 2022 offering online multiplayer and usually a selection of three games each month. PS Plus Extra offers everything included in the Essential tier but with a much wider selection of PS5 and PS4 games. Whereas PS Plus Premium offers you everything that’s included in the previous two tiers with the addition of PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP offerings.

Arguably one of the best, and certainly one of the most played games to arrive on the subscription service since its revision is sci-fi cat sim, Stray. If you’ve never played this game and you subscribe to either PS Plus Extra or Premium, then what have you been doing?

“Play Stray before it leaves the catalogue,” pleaded Reddit user psyl0c0. “Stray is a fantastic little indie game with a touching story and a loveable cast of characters. It's not very long, so I recommend playing it because Sony is pulling it from the catalogue on July 18.”

As psyl0c0 mentions, you only have just over a couple of weeks to play it and with Stray only being roughly five to ten hours long (depending on your playstyle), you should have no trouble finishing this charming game before it leaves PS Plus. What’s more, it’s only 7.5GB in size. So, what are you waiting for, download and play it now.

In our review, we said Stray: “is stunning, creative, funny, and filled with moments that genuinely made my jaw drop. Whether you adore cats, or have some fundamental piece of your soul missing and don’t really care about them either way, this game is the real deal.

“It might be a little on the short side, but I was never anything less than utterly captivated and thoroughly entertained during the entire adventure. And really, what more could you want from a video game in these trying times?”

In related news, it has now been officially confirmed that Stray is coming to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. Happy days!

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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