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PlayStation's new free PS5 game is absolutely 'sensational', fans say

PlayStation's new free PS5 game is absolutely 'sensational', fans say

PlayStation Plus subscribers have been singing the praises of Ghostwire: Tokyo, which was added to the PS Plus Extra game library in March.

We’re now in April, which means that a new batch of free PlayStation Plus games is almost upon us. However, some fans are still busy with some of last month’s additions, one of which has now been hailed as “sensational”.

In case you missed it, from tomorrow (4 April), PS Plus subscribers will be able to claim Sackboy: A Big Adventure, Meet Your Maker and Tails of Iron. Once you’ve grabbed them, you’ll be able to play them anytime as long as you have an active subscription. PlayStation users have been particularly excited about the inclusion of the LittleBigPlanet spinoff - it’s definitely one that’s worth trying out if you haven’t already. However, if you’re subscribed to PS Plus Extra or Premium, fans say that Ghostwire: Tokyo is well worth your time.

Take a look at the trailer for Ghostwire: Tokyo right here.

Tango Gameworks’ 2022 action-horror allows the player to trek around Tokyo while unleashing paranormal activities in order to defeat spirits dwelling within the city. Sounds cool, right? We thought so, too. In our review of Ghostwire: Tokyo, we gave the game a seven out of 10, and praised the gorgeous environments, incredible audio and “inspiring use of haptics”.

As ComicBook reports, Reddit users are full of praise for the game: “I’m ashamed to say I steered clear after watching a few review videos but this game is sensational,” Penitent_0ne wrote. “The graphics are superb (feels like what CDPR were going for with Cyberpunk 2077) but the gameplay is where it sticks for me. I highly recommend everyone try it with it being on PS+”

Others agree: “Really enjoyed the game - bring on a sequel! Glad you are having fun. The souls collecting reminded me of Crackdown orbs and I enjoyed the traversal… also does not overstay its welcome,” bodltd replied. “It was way better than I expected, for sure,” commented Vallux. “I live in Japan and getting to see the same places I frequent but in a video game is surreal! They really nailed the vibe of Shibuya,” added niooosan.

Since Ghostwire: Tokyo is an Extra-tier game, it’ll be available to play via the game library for some time. Be sure to give it a try if you're interested.

Featured Image Credit: Sony, Marcel Strauß via Unsplash

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