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PlayStation users can grab an extra free game, no PS Plus required

PlayStation users can grab an extra free game, no PS Plus required

PlayStation user can claim an extra free game with no PS Plus requirement.

Fancy claiming a free PlayStation classic at no extra cost with no PS Plus required? Well of course you do, but there is a slight catch.

Since the relaunch of the revised PlayStation Plus subscription tiers, we’ve seen the introduction of PS1 and PSP classics being added to the PS Plus library. These classic games of yesteryear are just as we remembered but with a few extra modern-day benefits. For example, the classic games now look extra snazzy with an HD makeover. You can also save the game at any point, particularly handy for the original Resident Evil game - and you can even rewind gameplay on the fly.

Far Cry 6 is available on PS Plus now.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of the classic PS1 and PSP games coming to PlayStation Plus is the fact that you can download the newly released games at no cost. These games are only available to PS Plus Premium subscribers, or so we originally thought. It turns out, if you have purchased any of the newly released PlayStation classics via the PS3 and/or PSP/PS Vita store, you can download those games at no additional cost without a subscription.

Take for example Resident Evil: Director’s Cut. At the time, I wasn't subscribing to PS Plus Premium, so imagine my surprise when I realised that I could download and play this survival horror classic on my PS5 for free. The same can now be said for the PSP game Killzone: Liberation which was included in the PS Plus June 2023 line-up. As seen in the tweet below from the sharer of video game deals Wario64.

Specifically when it comes to Killzone: Liberation, the game was offered as a freebie following the 2011 PSN hack. If you redeemed it back then, you can redeem it once again now for free - no PS Plus required.

What’s more, if you’ve never purchased a PlayStation classic from a previous generation, you can still buy the re-release for a modest £7.99/$9.99 USD. That being said, if you have purchased a classic game of yesteryear, keep a lookout for the next batch of PS Plus games, because one of your favourites may be next. I’m looking at you classic Resident Evil 2, RE3, Silent Hill and Tomb Raider.

In related news, PlayStation Plus subscribers were surprised by yet another extra free download.

Featured Image Credit: Martin Katler via Unsplash, Sony

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